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At Enveng, our team can prepare Noise and Vibration Management Plans (NVMP) within the mining, rail, road and commercial sectors.

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Noise and Vibration Management Plans (NVMP)

Our team has experience working within the conditions of Ministerial Statements where noise and vibration is a major challenge due to the proximity and nature of sensitive receptors.

Enveng can assist developers and projects in assessing the likelihood that noise and vibration levels at a proposed site will exceed relevant acoustic environmental quality objectives, contract requirements or other conditions and development conditions and consents.

Our Management Plans include risk assessments, noise objectives and targets, monitoring requirements and; a review and investigation of the relevant legislative framework that applies specifically to your Project and Organisation’s proposed and current activities.

We have experience in developing management strategies, design solutions and other environmental controls that are essential in minimising noise pollution particularly in built up areas and around other sensitive receptors.

Our acoustic management services include:

Noise and vibration monitoring

Compliance assessment & advice

Baseline studies

Risk assessments

Noise management plans

Night noise management plans (out of hours)

Vibration management plans

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