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Enveng can prepare your asbestos samples and send these to a NATA approved laboratory to analyse.

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Enveng Asbestos Management

The Enveng team under the direction of assistance of our occupational hygienist can conduct onsite inspections, including construction sites, buildings and yards for the presence of friable asbestos, asbestos insulation and asbestos containing materials.

Our team will review laboratory, visual and physical findings and then prepare a report that outlines results and recommendations to address asbestos management where required.

A full scope of our asbestos management services are as follows:

Audits, registers & management plans

Air monitoring (NATA Accredited)

Asbestos fiber counting

(Analysed at a NATA Accredited Laboratory)

Clearance inspection & certificates

(to confirm remediation of site / property)

Risk Assessment

Compliance Reviews

Earth Stabilisation Solutions

Acquisition asbestos inspections

Due diligence asbestos inspections

Supervision of asbestos removal projects

Awareness & Education

Risk management & communication

Asbestos consultancy & policy advice


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