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Audits and Compliance

Our team will work closely with you to ensure a full understanding of environmental obligations through the tender, design, planning and execution phases of your project and help prioritize the most cost-effective response.

Token Features

Full Understanding of Environmental Obligations

We offer practical solutions to environmental challenges and identify innovative means of addressing and tracking environmental compliance with tailored services, software packages, regular environmental audits and other environmental monitoring in line with statutory expectations throughout construction and operation.



Enveng can conduct onsite or environmental system audits for regulatory compliance, as well as gap analysis audits to determine where your systems are lacking or where your compliance obligations are not being met. Our qualified auditor will conduct your audit in a systematic and methodical process which will be well documented. Our team will provide you with a written report following your audit detailing risk areas, issues for concern and potential compliance liabilities.

We can undertake the following types of audits:

Environmental Management Systems against AS/NZS ISO 14001

Environmental due diligence

Internal environmental auditing

Implementation gap audits

Compliance audits to assure adherence to approvals and licences

Independent sustainability audits (by a registered ISAP)

Site compliance environmental auditing against management plans and approvals



In addition to our auditing services, Enveng can provide you with a variety of compliance services to assist you with managing environmental obligations.

We can assist you with managing environmental obligations which include:

The preparation of Environmental Management Plans, Environmental Reports (regulatory, licence closure and annual etc.)

The development and implementation of an EMS suited to your Company needs and level of environmental impacts.

Prescribed waste exemption applications

The preparation of obligation and risk registers and assessments

Development and conducting compliance inspections

Development of Environmental Policy

Works approvals and licence applications

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