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Audits and Compliance

Our team specializes in conducting construction compliance and the third party audits. We have international experience in Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines conducting fabrication and site verification audits and inspections at industrial facilities including steel fabrication and cement industries on behalf of our Australian clients.

Token Features

Comprehensive Appreciation of Environmental Obligations

We offer practical value-add solutions to manage the environmental obligations associated with your project. At Enveng we have used our 50 years+ of combined environmental experience in the construction industry to develop our in-house Compliance Management Tool (CMT). CMT provides us the platform to develop a bespoke solution to our clients obligations by identifying best-for-project mitigation solutions, smart allocation and tracking of actions and deliverables, near real time reporting on project performance through our interactive dashboard and control of dynamic outputs to client, internal management, regulators and external stakeholders.



Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in carrying out third party supply chain compliance audits against Australian Standards and organisational systems. We have carried out auditing requirements for our clients within Australia, Philippines, Thailand, UK, South Africa and China. Third Party supply chain audits can contribute to a Company’s overall social corporate responsibility and sustainability policies as well as create transparency for shareholders, employees and interested parties.

We can undertake the following types of audits:

Environmental Management Systems against AS/NZS ISO 14001

Environmental due diligence

Internal environmental auditing

Implementation gap audits

Compliance audits to assure adherence to approvals and licences

Independent sustainability audits (by a registered ISAP)

Third Party Supply Chain Compliance Auditing (Internationally and Nationally)

Site compliance environmental auditing against management plans and approvals



In addition to our auditing services, Enveng can provide you with a variety of compliance services to assist you with managing environmental obligations.

We can assist you with managing environmental obligations which include:

The preparation of Environmental Management Plans, Environmental Reports (regulatory, licence closure and annual etc.)

The development and implementation of an EMS suited to your Company needs and level of environmental impacts.

Prescribed waste exemption applications

The preparation of obligation and risk registers and assessments

Development and conducting compliance inspections

Development of Environmental Policy

Works approvals and licence applications

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