Camfield Drive


Environmental planning and water quality monitoring during Project delivery.

Team members worked closely with the PTA and regulatory bodies to carry out groundwater monitoring for evidence of contamination caused by project works.


CDE was a small road project that comprised the extension of Camfield Drive through the former Burswood Park Golf Course to the Perth Stadium’s Bus Hub and to Victoria Park Drive.

Environmental management on the registered contaminated site encompassed; generating project environmental risk plans, conducting groundwater monitoring and continuing review of data, the monitoring of excavation work for historical soil and perched groundwater contamination, the monitoring of air quality and vibration emissions around nearby sensitive receptors, stakeholder consultation and baseline soil sampling and re-use classifications.

The artificial lakes of the previous Burswood golf course hold clean water for irrigating the grounds that is pumped from a deep underlying aquifer.

This water is purposely separated from the contaminated shallow groundwater by a seam of thick clay lining the lakes. As part of the Project’s alignment, there was the need to construct the road over one of the artificial lakes at two crossings.

Managing the potential for contaminating groundwater.

The works had to be completed without impacting the clay liner otherwise a breach would cause contaminated groundwater to directly discharge into a connection to the adjacent Swan River.

Development of detailed methodologies in conjunction with design consultants and construction teams.

These were then further developed and approved with the DPAW Estuarine and Rivers Division (formerly the Swan River Trust). Included in the methodology were inflatable booms and seepage management to provide dry working environments and de-silting equipment/set-up.

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