Construction Water Experience – NORTHLINK CENTRAL


Water demand assessments conducted during the environmental approvals estimated a total 2.2 Gigalitres was required during the construction of the project.

No available groundwater allocation in the superficial formations.

Contractor was required to find “other sources” of water for construction. This included negotiating with land owners with bores.

Early engagement with regulator to approve temporary abstraction for project. Strategic abstraction locations to reduce strain on superficial aquifer.  An optimised clearing and construction program to reduce water demand for dust suppression.

Consideration and application of dust suppressants across the project. 100% native species for landscaping


Reduction of water demand to 1.63 Gigalitres, an approximate 28% saving. 40% reduction in water required for dust suppression and 99% for landscaping. Eight 5C Abstraction licenses obtained across the project (1.55 GL per annum).

Certainty of available water for construction, reduction of reliance on external suppliers and potable water sources



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