What is our Retainer?


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What is an Environmental Retainer?


Here at Enveng Group we understand that lengthy and timely negotiations between consultants and clients can be tedious during periods where time and efficiency are critical.


This service ensures that you get access to our environmental and sustainability professionals with any plan, assisting your organisation and projects with developing, implementing and delivering on its environmental obligations within your scope, time-frame and budget.

At YOUR disposal

Our plans ensure that we are at your disposal for an allocated amount of time and effort each month for a known fixed rate.


Our obligation and reach aims to positively impact our staff, clients, environment and communities we operate in. We genuinely want to make a difference in construction environmental management across the broader industry, so its not just about exchanging time for money with us.....


By applying our streamlined processes consistently across all our clients and continually improving, we can pass these efficiencies and learning directly onto our clients, helping you do more with less.

Our Vision

Certainty and Innovation...

in Environmental Management should be within reach for every operator and contractor in construction, infrastructure and mining sectors.

We are Passionate

about supporting our clients in delivering outstanding results, no matter the size of their organisation or Project scope.

A unique SERVICE

Our three level retainer service provides organisations and projects affordable access to the experience and capabilities of WA’s leading environmental and sustainability professionals.

How Does it Work?

A specialist team

Of scientists, engineering experts and sustainability professionals that you can trust and rely on to achieve organisational and project commitments and objectives and overall environmental and sustainability success.

A discovery session

Our team will meet with you to determine the best level of service that fits with all your environmental needs and compliance requirements.

Necessary tools and resources

To adequately and effectively carry out your environmental and sustainability related activities and tasks without engaging a full time advisor or specialist within your company.

Elimination of traditional complex consultancy models

Where quotes and negotiations can become costly and time consuming, our retainer gives you confidence through flexible, transparent solutions that are scaled in line with the size and scope of your business and within your budget.

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