Fauna Connectivity Experience – NORTHLINK CENTRAL


During the tender phase the Enveng team identified opportunities to reduce the volume of fill required to be imported by the project by lowering the project alignment and improving the project cut to fill ratio. The lowering of the alignment resulted in the installing of eight fauna passes to be unfeasible. The fauna underpasses were originally proposed to maintain a degree of fauna connectivity between two bush forever sites.


Following engineering investigations and assessments into opportunities that considered the environmental, community, regulatory and commercial viability, the team then presented a proposal to construct WA’s first fauna bridge.





The Fauna bridge was approved by the client and regulator and the environmental benefits are notable and the construction of the bridge resulted in a commercial saving to the project due to the reduced imported fill requirement and the reduced noise impacts during operation to the residents by the lowering of the alignment of up to 6 metres in certain areas. This Fauna Bridge was presented to the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia as a Western Australian first as part of the projects rating.







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