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Groundwater Management

Enveng provides specialist expertise and a turn key solution to assessment and management for your groundwater related issues that will meet your goals, budget and time frame.

Token Features

At Enveng, our team can help you assess and manage your groundwater related challenges.
We can provide you with risk assessments, groundwater management plans, solutions to avoid groundwater contamination during construction activities and management strategies to monitor already polluted groundwater.

Our Services provided:

Groundwater resource assessment and protection management.

Design and supervision of groundwater exploration.

Baseline studies prior to construction works.

Groundwater management plans and strategies to meet regulatory guidelines.

Risk assessments and risk management.

Design and management of groundwater remediation and rehabilitation

for contaminated groundwater according to environmental guidelines.

Groundwater monitoring and sampling

(including NATA Laboratory analysis) in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

Installation of monitoring wells.

Regulatory and Client Reporting

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