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Our Services

Enveng Group specialises in environmental, sustainability and engineering needs for the construction, infrastructure, mining, oil and gas sectors.


For the past 15 years, our team members have delivered some of WA’s largest-ever high profile projects. We bring on-the-ground local, national and international experience, and have an unsurpassed understanding of legislation and compliance requirements.


We function seamlessly with all project disciplines to meet broader project and organisational objectives, minimise cost, compliance and program risk, and maximise opportunities.


Our practical, hands-on experience means we know the pitfalls and challenges of project delivery, and we deploy effective mitigation techniques to deliver results.


Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS)

Enveng assists with identification and characterisation of high-risk soil types and environments, through to prevention, control and treatment of soils on your Project or property.


Enveng has extensive knowledge and experience with dewatering solutions throughout Western Australia.


Enveng provides practical advice and solutions for a range of environmental projects, where noise and vibration are key sources of emissions.


Asbestos management involves a systematic process which can be tailored specifically to the problem that exists.

Air Quality and Dust

Where air quality and dust are a major contributor to emissions on your Project, Enveng can provide you with a solution.

Audits and Compliance

At Enveng it is vital to us that we assist our Clients in remaining compliant with relevant legislation during project planning and your project’s activities and prospective project opportunities.

Planning and Approvals

Today more than ever environmental awareness and sustainable practices are heightened and coupled with strict legislative requirements.

Construction Water Management

During your construction project it is imperative to identify all allowable and usable sources of water for construction activities throughout the projects life.

Contaminated Land

Contaminated Sites can be costly and time consuming if management and remediation is not carried out properly and according to the regulatory requirements.

Education and Awareness

At Enveng we believe the successful implementation of a company’s environmental policies, systems and management plans is directly related to the level of staff understanding and awareness.

Environmental Management Systems

Over 50 years of practical industry experience in construction, mining and oil and gas, Well positioned to develop and implement effective and environmental management systems compliant with ISO 14001 standards.

Management Plans

The Enveng team has extensive experience in preparing Management Plans for all your environmental issues during the tender, construction and operational phases of your Project.

Groundwater Management

During your construction project, the protection of our groundwater resources from contamination as well as identifying remediation strategies for already polluted sources is fundamental.


With climate change challenges, pollution and limited resources, ensuring sustainable infrastructure and business practices is imperative.

Waste Management Solutions

Enveng provides tailored services to our clients needs to ensure a unique and effective sustainable solution to waste management within your organisation or on your project site.

Spoil Management

To help preserve this resource, good soil management practices should be considered during planning phases and executed during construction.


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