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Enveng can help your team to benchmark sustainability performance through achieving a certified IS rating and drive continuous improvement into the future.

Token Features

Ensuring sustainable Infrastructure and Business Practices

Sustainability, is about creating permanent benefits through an integrated consideration of the social, environmental and economic aspects in all that we do and within all areas of a project and associated resources life – cycle.

At Enveng we offer strategic and advisory support that will reduce your environmental footprint, improve business efficiencies and build value within your organisation and associated projects.

During our risk assessment process, our team can identify the opportunities within your business and projects to improve sustainability performances across a range of challenges. We can assist in reducing our Clients, energy, water and waste outputs and in addition identify and implement strategies to enhance and protect the ecological values your activities impact.

Our team comprises four Infrastructure Sustainability Accredited Professionals (ISAPs) who can assist your business and projects during opportunities to gain project recognition through the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) framework.

Our ISAPs have delivered design and as-built ratings using version 1.2 and have prepared numerous tender assessments against versions 1, 1.2 and 2.

Our Sustainability advisory services include:

Business wide sustainability strategy

Sustainability Policy development

Ecological Sustainable Design Strategy (ESD)

Renewable energies

Carbon emission solutions

Energy, water, carbon and waste reduction

Sustainability Management Plan (SMP)

IS Rating Support

Independent IS auditing

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