Specialist Contractors in Managing
Environmental and Sustainability
Objectives during Construction

Current Projects!

Bunbury Outer Ring Road

Sustainability and Environmental Support
ISCA V2.0 Planning and As-Built Rating

Client: Acciona and NRW

2020 – Ongoing

Enveng Group are preparing the Sustainability deliverables for both the Planning and As-Built submissions. In addition, we are providing environmental support for the construction team.

Stephenson Avenue Extension

Environmental and Sustainability Support at RFP

Client: Clough and Acciona

2020 – Ongoing

Enveng Group are preparing the Environmental and Sustainability deliverables on behalf of the ACJV during the RFP. This also includes several larger procurement packages namely dilapidation surveys, dewatering, contaminated sites, etc

Byford Rail Extension Design and Construction Project

Sustainability and Environmental Support

Client: Clough (EOI), CPB/Downer/GHD (RFP)

2020 – Ongoing

Enveng Group supported Clough and Martinez Rail during the EOI, and will be continuing on the Project during the RFP in April 2021.

Why Enveng Group?

Perth - based environmental and sustainability management firm

Our hands-on local, national and international experience delivers exceptional outcomes for the construction, infrastructure, mining, oil and gas sectors.

Our team brings more than fifty years combined experience!

At meeting and exceeding environmental engineering and sustainability objectives for some of WA’s largest projects.

We are specialists in simplifying the complex

And we support our clients to navigate environmental frameworks with efficiency.

Our holistic approach means we take a project and organisation wide focus

Finding innovations that drive commercial, compliance and risk management outcomes.

We provide tailored services for any stage of the project life-cycle.

Our unique retainer service presents value and certainty to organisations and projects of any size and scope.

We strive to be exceptionally different

And we want to make a big difference in providing future generations with a sustainable earth.



Our practical experience means we consistently apply the most cost-effective solutions to meet environmental, engineering and sustainability challenges specific to the sectors in which our clients work


Over the past 15 years, our team has delivered some of WA’s largest-ever high profile projects in Perth and the regions. We thrive on challenges and find innovative solutions that make material differences to program, budget and bottom line.


We take a ‘big picture’ view to find efficiencies and capitalise on innovations across our specialty sectors. Our clients benefit from our shared knowledge, and we stay at the forefront of the industry through our research and development, and our professional affiliations.


What Makes Us Different..


Organisations and projects require teams to functionally collaborate with other disciplines in a seamless work environment

We integrate with project teams to appreciate the broader vision and objectives

We execute our approach efficiently, effectively and at the forefront of innovation

Every member of our team is an Infrastructure Sustainability Accredited Professional (ISAP)


50+ Years of Experience

Enveng Group draws on over five decades of environmental and engineering management industry experience


We would love to hear from you!

If you have questions or want to know more about our services, contact us now and we would be happy to help.


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